Pages not preloaded

Pages with a query string (a “?”) in their URL aren’t preloaded by default because they sometimes trigger an action (such as logging out or deleting something).

Whitelisting pages with a query string

If you want to let all pages with a query string be preloaded, add a data-instant-allow-query-string attribute to the <body>.

If you’d like to allow only select links with a query string to be preloaded, add a data-instant attribute to them:

<a href="articles?page=2" data-instant>Page 2</a>

Blacklisting pages

To manually blacklist a link that triggers an action add a data-no-instant attribute to them:

<a href="logout?token=f2d2650ce6" data-no-instant>Log out</a>

This is to be used mainly if you use data-instant-allow-query-string, otherwise by default links with a query string are already blacklisted.

External links aren’t preloaded by default, to allow them all add a data-instant-allow-external-links attribute to the <body>.

To allow only some external links, add a data-instant attribute to them.

Preloading only some links (whitelist mode)

If you’d like to only preload specific links, add a data-instant-whitelist to the <body> and mark links to preload by adding a data-instant attribute to them.

Put this HTML snippet just before </body>:
<script src="//" type="module" defer integrity="sha384-D7B5eODAUd397+f4zNFAVlnDNDtO1ppV8rPnfygILQXhqu3cUndgHvlcJR2Bhig8"></script>
Copied. Now place it just before </body> on your pages.